Market share analysis

Market share is one of a business's most important indicators. The right visualization of market shares helps graphically evaluate a business's condition relative to its main competitors.

If your business holds one of the top 10 largest market shares, then use a pie or donut diagram with no more than 15 players. Everyone in 16th place onward can be labeled as «Other».

Market share analysis for top players

If your business is ranked 10th-20th in terms of market share, then using a columnar diagram is more suitable. This permits the concurrent display of the market leaders along with your own position. As a rule, businesses in spots 10-20 are very ambitious and focused on overpowering current market share leaders on a national scale. Presenting the market leaders and your business on the same diagram reinforces your business's aspiration and assures your stockbrokers, investors, and management.

Market share analysis for middle players.

If your business is ranked below 20th in terms of market share, then it's more logical to show market shares within a sector where you hold a stronger footing. Options are presented below.

Sector market shares for middle players

If your business is of medium size, then it's probably more advantageous to visualize only the shares in the middle sector. With visualizations that also show top players' market shares, your business's slice on a circular diagram will be too thin, which will not be as assuring to your shareholders, investors, or management.

Market share within an individual sector

If you produce only one type of good, but your competitors produce a variety of goods and are significantly larger than you, then you should analyze market shares within the sector specific to your business.

Market share for local players

If you are a local market player in other words, your products and services are predominantly available in one area (this could be one country, one region, one city, etc.)-then you should analyze market shares only within that area.

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